Choosing The Best Butane Soldering Iron: A Guide For Buyers

Butane Soldering Iron

If you are involved in some soldering works, then having the best iron that suits your soldering needs would be a great idea to put into consideration. There are several Butane Soldering Iron currently available in the market.They have got high demand since they enable the users to solder electrical components with ease. Different types of soldering come in various shapes and sizes.

However, choosing the best among numerous types in the market can be hectic since there are many manufacturers.

So Which ones are the top brands in the markets now. Right?

Okay, then don't worry!

In this article, we will do anal-inclusive analysis to select best butane soldering irons just for you.Therefore, we put into test various brands and determine which one has the best iron.

Comparison Table Of Butane Soldering iron Review

Product Name

Refill time

Build-in igniter

Run Time

Our Rating

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Weller P2C 

40 sec


90 Minute

Weller P2KC 

20 sec


60 Minute

Dremel 2000 

30 sec


75 Minute


20 sec


60 Minute

Portasol Super Pro 125

20 sec


90 Minute

Best Selection

#1. Weller P2C Butane Soldering Iron Reviews

In our comprehensive analysis, Weller P2C Soldering Iron is our best selection.The groundbreaking Weller P2C is exceptionally the best solder in the market. The design is very simple, compact and friendly to use.

If you are into soldering and melting activities, then Weller P2C is the best within weller butane soldering iron. Two of its outstanding advantages are its light nature and the cordless nature. The light property allows you as the user to use it at home and also carry it at the job places. On the other hand, its cordless nature minimizes breakage since it cannot be affected by electric patterns.

As the user, you can carry it around as it only weighs 5.8 ounces.

It has a minimum temperature of 200 and a maximum of 4500 degrees Celsius. which is adjustable hence again it suits a diverse array of projects as you can adjust it to suit the kind of material you are working on. Also, its design makes things easier for you.

Alternatively, Weller P2C uses Piezo ignition that is reliable compared to a flint type ignition. The Piezo ignition is automatic hence lights instantly as you press the ignition button. It provides a clear view of the flame as it has a transparent flame view window. The Weller P2C is ESD safe hence appropriate to delicate appliances.

It has a relatively large tank that can last you up to one hour in use. Refueling is also simple as it takes less than 20 seconds. It has a higher production rate due to its fast melting of iron items. The item takes only 40 seconds to melt solder.

Key Benefits of Weller P2C Butane Soldering Iron
  • The Weller P2C is very light making it very easy for you as the user carrying it.
  • Weller P2C has no cables connected to it so as the user you don’t encounter the challenges associated with the length of power cables.
  • The solder tip conducts heat very fast. Therefore, it achieves a melting point of metals very fast making it very productive.
  • Weller P2C heat sensitivity makes it very good in soldering sensitive equipment and components.
  • It is very effective and efficient since a full tank can last you for up to an hour working.
  • It has a pressing button at the top that regulates the heat according to the need.
Mentionable Negatives of Weller P2C Reviews
  • Its uses are only limited to small gauge wiring appliances.
  • The Weller PC2 cannot last past five years as compared to other soldering appliances.
  • The ignition is not that well despite being automatic.

Second Best Selection

#2. Weller p2kc Reviews

The impressive multipurpose Weller P2KC cordless Butane Soldering Iron Kit is now in the market. It is effective in either soldering or torching items that complex in design,and you are running out of time. The package is very light and can be carried around with ease.

It burns faster after ignition hence making it very effective in field jobs and activities. It takes considerably enough time to complete your work before you refill the butane tank likely one hour.

The solder has no wiring as it is cordless hence making it effective as you do not concentrate on wire issues such as interference and breakages of the wire circuit. It is fast melting of solders makes it very productive.

It has a piezo ignition which makes its operation simple, convenient and easy to use. Weller P2KC is ESD safe as it protects fragile tools that you are welding or soldering or torching.

Key Benefits of Weller P2KC cordless Butane Soldering Iron
  • Weller P2KC has a butane tank that can last for one hour-which is convenient in finishing your soldering exercise. This makes it more reliable and efficient.
  • It 20 seconds heat up rate favors your productivity as the user.
  • It is easy to refill the butane tank in case the fuel runs out. It only takes 20 seconds of refilling.
  • It melts solder within 40 seconds after the ignition.
  • It has a power wattage of range 25-75 watts.
  • It can get heat up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit (454 degrees Celsius) which is convincingly able to melt most of the metals.
Mentionable Negatives of Weller p2kc Reviews
  • Incomplete packaging –sometimes the manufacturer does not put each an every item inside the kit. Missing components of the kit.
  • The ignition button wears out too soon.

Third Best Selection

#3. Dremel Versatip 2000 Reviews

Dremel comes third in our list. It is one of the best tools available in the market.The groundbreaking Dremel 2000-01 Tip Precision Butane Soldering Torch is the suitable for those projects that require care and accuracy.

It is also good for those people who might want to use it for various reasons coupled with its ease in carrying around. Versa Tip heats, melts, soldiers, shrinks and cuts multiple types of materials into desired shapes.

It had temperature variations and equipped with flame control features for iron and flame operations. This equipment has multiple applications as can be used in operations such as pipe fitting, shrinking, culinary blazing soldering and even shrinking.

It is automatic as it ignites itself with safety lock and flame locks hence a very smooth working. You don’t have to worry much about its lasting duration since it has a large fuel storage capacity-can last slightly past an hour.

The kit package contains a lot of individual components; they include storage case, blower, sponge, solder, soldering tip, flame diffuser, wrenches, tins and Versa flame tool.

The Versa Tip modifications include an automatic self-start button with both safety and flame locks for continuous automation. The gas reservoir allows up to 75 minutes running time.

The package contains soldering tip, shaping knife, Versa Tip butane tool, cutting knife, storage case, soldering tip, deflector, wide blower tip, solder, tins, hot air tip, wrenches, sponge, as well as protective cap.

Key Benefits
  • It is slightly past 1 kg hence very portable and easy to carry around.
  • The running time of 75 minutes is substantial enough for you to finish the work that you were doing.
  • Can carry out various roles such as cutting, melting, shrinking and soldering multiple materials you are working with.
  • It is easy to use because of its automatic nature-once it’s started you don’t have to press it harder.
  • It is very durable-minimized wear and tears.
  • It is very easy to refuel.
Mentionable Negatives
  • It is shipped without fuel so as the customer you buy fuel because pressurized butane can’t be shipped.
  • It can’t melt steel but if it did it would use a lot of fuel.

Fourth Best Selection

#4. Power Probe Butane Soldering Kit Reviews

Power Probe Butane Soldering Kit is one of the best butane soldering kits currently available in the market. It has got unique features that include an electronic ignition as well as a flame adjustment which is missing in other butane soldering kits.

The flame adjustment of this Power Probe butane soldering Kit ranges from 1/2 to 2 - 1/2. When refilled, it lasts up to 2 hours between refills, that's great! It provides good temperatures. When used as a torch, it provides up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit (1371 degrees Celsius).

However, when used as a soldering iron, it has got a maximum temperature of 950 degrees Fahrenheit (510 degrees Celsius). Additionally, it has 120 watts and the 500 BTU kit contains a soldering tool, one injection tip, one heat shield, three soldering tips, and one tube of solder.

Key Benefits
  • The torch and its accessories are made out of quality material hence very durable.
  • It can be used in some activities such as pipe fitting, shrinking and soldering.
  • It has got electrical ignition and flame adjustment.
  • Has high durability before the fuel could run out.
  • Its automatic nature reduces efforts applied by human in its use.
Mentionable Negatives
  • Highly flammable especially with plastic materials.
  • The striker is often affected by air moisture.

Fifth Best Selection

#5. Portasol Super pro 125 Reviews

Portasol Super Pro 125 Watt Heat Tool Kit becomes our fifth best selection in the market. It comes with a toolkit. The Portasol kit includes 7 tips. These include three soldering tips, one deflector tip, one hot knife and one hot air tip for heat shrinking purposes. 

Portasol Super Pro has got a unique patented front-end hence provides additional durability. Portasol is high efficiency and reliable since it has adjustable temperature control.

It provides up to 580 degrees Celsius(1076 degrees F) at the tip. Therefore, it can easily cut off switch. Portasol Super Pro has a short refilling time of 10 seconds and is easily refilled with the butane lighter gas.

Key Benefits
  • It is a self-igniting hence it is easy to use. The result of self-ignition is a powerful blowtorch, hot knife or a flame less hot air blower.
  • It provides various options for use depending on the type of work. The kit contains soldering iron that is fitted with a deflector with hot air, wire stand, tray, cleaning sponge and knife tip. The tips are interchangeable hence provides flexibility.
  • It is easy to use since storage case contains instruction for use.
  • It is a professional and powerful soldering tool since it only takes 10 seconds to refill. No lead, no cords and no batteries to charge.
Mentionable Negatives
  • Sometimes a little difficulty's experienced when using this product.

How to Choose Best Butane Soldering Iron

You should consider various factors before deciding on any type in the market. For instance, here are some of the factors you should have in mind.

  • The type of butane soldering iron. It is advisable to go for the type that fits your need effectively. You should consider the type of soldering works you are involved in then choose the best that would meet that requirement.
  • Temperature control included or not. This is another vital factor you should put into consideration. Whether you would like the iron that has temperature control or not.
  • The wattage.
  • Size and shape.

How to Choose The Best Butane Soldering Torch

In choosing any material for a business work we need to look at the various qualifications and ensure the material is effective enough. Thus soldering is a process where materials are joined together through melting and positioning the filler metal into the mutual. Thus butane soldering troch is recognized due to its high temperature thus causes metals to melt easily.


A soldering torch is a device that uses flame to heat a solder. This torch is used to solder and fix the copper pipes. Thus, these troches are relatively cheap and use compelled fuel gas like butane to produce a flame. Soldering materials differ in shapes and sizes thus we need to choose the best iron. However, we need to choose a butane torch depending on the heating capacity, toxic level, stability, iron type and weight. Some of the best butane soldering torches includes Weller P2C, power probe butane and Weller p2kc. Thus Weller P2C butane soldering iron is regarded as the best since it has a simple, compressed resign and it is friendly to use. It has an advantage of its cordless and light nature.

Similarly, it minimizes breakage as it is less affected by electric patterns. A butane torch can develop flame to a maximum temperature of approximately 1430 degree Celsius. This highest temperature is good enough to melt common metal such as aluminum. Also, the heat causes vaporization of many organic compounds. Butane is a colorless and flammable gas at normal room temperature thus its dangerous when inhaled.

In conclusion, choosing the best butane soldering torch should be done with keenness in order to obtain the material with the highest qualifications. However, Weller P2C is regarded as the best soldering torch due its cordless nature and compact design. Its friendly to work with and it burns to the maximum temperature making work to be easier.

Final Verdict

We have made the best butane soldering iron list by following the considerations we stated above.Though it is possible to use any of the models available in the market.

It is advisable to check the regulations and safety rules. Using the hot iron can always cause injuries. Ensure it is placed in a safe place when using it and making sure there are no accidental gas leakages

Now you have all the necessary information. Rather, we sometimes analyze more than we said in this article.

Therefore, all the products we have listed deserve to be listed. You can pick any of the listed based on your working necessity. It will help you in saving time, keep you well-guided as well as provide you the chance to get the best butane soldering iron. 

So, keep trust, purchase, as well as get the best out of it.

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