Choose the Best Gas Soldering Iron For You – Best Buyer’s Guide

Best Gas Soldering Iron

A gas soldering iron is one of the most versatile things any technician will need in their toolbox. They are very advantageous since they are lightweight, cheap to buy and function just great. In the long run, you can make some amazing art pieces.

A gas soldered iron is very ideal to work in areas where there is no electricity. It is particularly useful than an electric soldering iron. This is because with an electric iron one has to wait for it to warm until it reaches the correct temperature. It's the best choice for you if you aren't exactly the patient type.

The popularity of the gas iron is very popular and demanding. Therefore there are many brands on the market. Choosing the right one can be quite a hassle. But in this article, we are going to look at some of the best gas soldering iron in the market today.

Best Gas Soldering Iron Reviews

Here are a shortlist of some of the best gas soldering irons in the market. They are without a doubt the most popular and widely acclaimed.

#1. Portasol 010589330

This is a self-igniting soldering iron. The heat tooling kit is cordless making very easy to transport from one point to another. Therefore you can use it anywhere and instantly.

The best part about it is that it heats up within forty seconds. Thus you don't have to wait for ages until it has warmed up.

The interchangeable tips are seven in number. This makes it possible to heat up very fast converting to a powerful blow-torch.

The butane soldering iron has a push button for ignition. Thus you do not to always carry around matches or a lighter. It will run for almost 90 minutes making it possible for one to finish up a project on time.


  • The product easy refills in 30 seconds. All you needed to do is to push the butane canister against the filling pot. Although it is not recommended the tank can be emptied by just pushing the pin against the filling pots.
  • The soldering iron is very easy to ignite. All one needs is to turn on the gas switch and click on the piezo.
  • The box contains a hot air blower and a deflector tip.
  • check
    The interchangeable tips are pre-tinned.


  • The blower is quite hard to remove once it is attached to the blower.
  • The airflow in the blower is not quite constant. However, this might occur when you use cheap butane gas.

#2. Weller B2C Butane Soldering Iron

The B2C is lightweight and cordless making it very easy to transport. This allows anyone to use it anywhere for their project.

Igniting it is a piece of cake. All you need to do is push the piezo ignition, and it will light up. Moreover, it heats up very fast and can melt solder in less than 40 seconds. You are assured of increased productivity.


  • It runs for a very long time making reliable for any type of project.
  • The tips are interchangeable.
  • The gas is convenient making it burn hot.
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    The design is very convenient and functional. There are no parts which hang oddly.
  • check
    The soldering iron is portable. Therefore you can take it anywhere.
  • check
    The tool is light and fast to use. You might turn it low while conducting your projects or fire it up. It is quite adjustable.
  • check
    Compared to other gas soldering iron, it is quite cheap.
  • check
    Different tips depending on your preferred thickness can be used.


  • It does not work best with large projects. Sometimes it lacks power.
  • If you lack a tip it is impossible for it to function at a practical level.

#3. Weller PSI100K

As you might have discovered most of these gas soldering irons have an auto switch. This product also entails this feature.

The Weller PSI100K Super Pro operates with regular butane fuel. Therefore the airflow will be regulated. Moreover, it will burn for almost 2 hours per refill. It encompasses a butane filter that ensures you won't spill the gas while refilling. Safety is a key priority.

You can check the butane level through the window of the body.

The box is packed with extra tips that are interchangeable. The extra tips are packed in a plastic case. You can use them whenever the tips wear out. However, do note that the threading collar is made out of plastic. This is quite different from what most consumers expect. Most of the soldering iron though has a metal thread and are more convenient and reliable. It's one of the better buys out there, and comes with more than enough kits to meet your needs.


  • The soldering iron has three extra tips. They are common enough and can be interchanged.
  • The soldering iron is cordless. Thus it can be transported anywhere you are going. It eliminates the stress of a corded soldering iron which is bulky.
  • The design is comfortable and handy.
  • check
    The consumption of butane is regulated and long-lasting. There is the time it can last even for 3 hours.
  • check
    The soldering iron has a cleaning kit. The sponge works great to clean it.
  • check
    It has an effective adjustable valve.


  • The run-time of the soldering iron is variable. There is the time it only lasts for an hour.
  • It can be difficult to light it up.

#4. Portasol 011280240 

The grip and the tip are only separated by a short distance. This will make it easier to work as you will get closer to the solder. But precaution should be a priority.

The soldier iron is easy to ignite and use. You do not need to walk around with some matches. You just click the piezo to light it.

From the moment you start soldering it will only take 30 minutes to solder joints. It will run for 60 minutes making it possible to finish up your project. Moreover, it will take 10 seconds only to refill it with butane gas.


  • It is cordless. This makes it easier to handle and comfortable working with it. Moreover, it is portable.
  • Although it is made of plastic the materials are top notch. They hold in together.
  • The tips are interchangeable. Moreover, the process of changing them is quite easy.
  • check
    The controls are simple to use a and durable.
  • check
    The heat range is quite good for a circuit board. The temperature holds up and it can be controlled.


  • If the tips get overheated they do not tin everything.
  • The replacement tips are quite pricey. Therefore it is best to buy tips which are durable like the nickel ones.

#5. Portasol 010389010 Heat Tool Kit

If you are a do-it-yourselfer then this kit might just be the one for you. It includes a knife tiplet, fine tippet, sponge, tray stand and a 4.8mm tablet.

The soldering iron runs with a power outage of 50W. Most efficient soldering irons run on this wattage. This means you can use it for all your project and it will solder quite well. Moreover, it will solder continuously for 40 minutes.

The product uses butane compatible with DuPont plastics making it unique. Therefore it will burn for longer. The quality of the butane will ensure that the valves do not get clogged.

The tips are attached to a replaceable feature. This ensures their durability, therefore, reducing the cost of constantly replacing the tips. You would love it for its ease of use, and given the accessories that come with the tool kit, you wouldn't need to look somewhere else to buy more.


  • It heats up quite fast, helping you save more energy.
  • Since it runs a lot of heat, you can only adjust it when you switch it off.
  • Since it uses butane, you can hear when it stops working.
  • check
    The soldering iron is lightweight making it easier to transport it from one point to another.
  • check
    The added cordless feature also makes portability easy.


  • If you end up using any other butane rather than the recommended one it will run for a short time.
  • If you are working with smaller components you will incur the cost of buying a smaller one.

How to Choose The Best Gas Soldering Iron?

A gas soldering iron comes in different shapes and sizes. Choosing a soldering iron depends on the type of project which you are undertaking.

There are soldering irons which produce intense heat to ensure quick melting points. Some posses unique designs which make them a bit easier to handle and operate small openings.

A lot of DIY'ers posses the following types of soldering irons-

  • Simple iron
  • Soldering station
  • Soldering tweezers
  • Circle
    Soldering torch

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Gas Soldering Iron

Most people deem it not a necessity to own a soldering iron. However, it is an essential part of your toolbox. This is most especially when you decide to embark on DIY projects.

There are a few factors to consider before buying a gas soldering iron. Here is a guide for both professionals and DIY'ers.


Gas soldering irons are more convenient when it comes to transporting them. This should be a primary reason before choosing to get one. It should be easier to move from point A to B.

This will surely increase productivity as you continue working on your project. Cordless gas soldering iron has a self-operating gas tank. This makes it easier to carry it around with a toolbox.

Temperature control

Nowadays most manufacturers produce soldering irons which can control temperature. There are some soldering irons which operate with a thermostat. Therefore they easily switch on and off depending on how much power is consumed.

A thermocouple still works great together with a station circuitry to adjust tip temperature. If you are an electronic professional, there are some delicate jobs which am sure you handle. Therefore methods vary when controlling temperature.


Wattage is one of the most important factors of a soldering iron. The most electronic range used in soldering iron range between 15-60 watts.

Normally a soldering iron with 50W is the best choice for a type of project. However, it does not mean that a soldering iron with a high wattage has more heat. But they just have more power available.


What is in a name? There are a lot of brand names out there from different manufacturers. Therefore it is convenient to choose a brand which will provide high quality and longevity in your projects.


The tips are also referred to as bits. They vary in shape and size. Most of the common tips are: pyramid, chiselled, fine conical and tapered.

Most soldering tips are bought with an interchangeable feature. The one which provides durability is nickel, copper and chrome.


The designs mentioned above are some of the best gas soldering iron. However, choosing the ideal one for you as an individual depends on the kind of project you are handling.

Personally, the Portasol 010589330 Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit with 7 Tips does it for me. This is because it is a multipurpose soldering iron. You can use the blowtorch to light barbecue fires.

The soldering iron runs with a power of 125W. Although it is a bit high professionals can use it to finish up their projects. The temperature is quite adjustable since there is control.

The butane canister is easily refilled in no less than 30 seconds. Most of the other soldering iron cannot be emptied. But with this product, you just push a pin to the filing and you can carry ship it anywhere.

There are 7 interchangeable tips. The tips are quite thick. This makes them a bit more durable.

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