Select The Best Small Table Saw – Buyer’s Guide

Are you a carpenter and wondering how you can make your work more exciting and easy?

There are several ways in which you can change the face of your store to enjoy what you are doing thoroughly. You do not need to complicate the store with a large table saw.

Here, we bring you some of the best table saws that can buy in 2019. If you struggled with table saws which were making your work difficult, you got a chance to change the face of your store in the coming year.

We have done market research and come up with a list of the best mini table saws, their features and also what to consider when finally you want to but one.

Our review guarantees you the best choice when it comes to purchasing the small table saws. If you are a beginner in this area, you can choose what can work best for you in the review below.

top 6 Best Small Table Saw Reviews

#1. Dewalt DW745

This table saw has several features which you may be looking for. It has a steel roll cage which is essential in protecting the saw from damage when other metals or wood drops on it. With this, it appears to be more durable.

Amazingly, the table power saw also has the strong motor of about 1850 Watt. This feature makes the saw efficient in performance in nearly all appliances.

Additionally, the table saw is only 22kg hence can be quickly moved from one point to another within the store. With this saw, I find it easy to move it to the exact position where it is to be used since I have a vast store. I find it very useful because of this flexibility.

Even the working surface is broad, and so accuracy can be attained. It also has powerful blades which are sharp, relevant for making a smooth ending on wood hence reducing wastage when cutting through the wood.


  • It has a wide castle tabletop design for accuracy in measurement
  • More durable due to the steel cage
  • Strong motor hence easy to use
  • Has a dust port for reducing the dust


  • Consumes a lot of power

#2. Rockwell BladeRunner X2

This power saw happens to be my favorite. It is multipurpose. The table op saw is not limited to cutting wood alone but also other materials. For instance, it can be used for cutting wood, metals, plastic materials and even tiles. This means that it can be used in a wide range of shops, not only in the carpenter's shop.

I felt that it is the best for me because of its multi-purpose. Once you have this saw, you do not have to use it alone in all its provisions. You can ensure that you place it strategically in a way that people who need to cut the other materials say the tiles which are not part of your day to day activity to use it on hire. You will be surprised how it will both serve you but also be a source of income to you.

Another feature which makes the saw my favorite is its inbuilt handle. With this, you can move the saw everywhere without strain. This means that you can give it out to hire or even use it in different places without the worry of portability difficulty.


  • Can cut all materials including the tiles
  • Inbuilt handle for portability
  • Allows for an instant change of blades
  • High operating speed


#3. Bosch 10-inch worksite table saw

I find this table saw to be very fulfilling. It is very portable. What the table saw is designed in a way that it can be collapsed to enhance its portability. This feature also gives you a room to adjust the height to what works best for you.

When buying it, therefore, you do not need to worry a lot about which height you need. This saw is favorable for use by people of all heights.

Another feature which makes this table saw to be effective is its square lock rip fence. This feature gives room for one hand usage. With this, you can glide along the rail as a way of preventing kickbacks from happening.

With this best mini table saw, the working surface is also wide hence you can make the right measurement by placing all the materials on the surface. Therefore, with this saw, you have no reason to mess around with your measurements. This means that your clients will always be satisfied. What they have in their mind as design and size of their furniture is actually what they obtain in the end.


  • Very portable from one place to another n the job site
  • High capacity of handling up to 25-inch width of material
  • It is durable with a year warranty


  • Operating it is a bit technical

#4. DEWALT DWE7480

Have you been looking for something you can use in the job site and move back with it home because your store is not efficient in keeping the machine? This may be the end of your search.

This small job site table saw is very useful when it comes to portability. It only weighs 45lbs, and so you can move with it on and off your job. You do not need to risk your machine if your office can give space for its loss.

This saw also has a telescoping fence rail feature. Such a feature cannot be ignored. It is this feature which helps you to adjust the fence very fast in an accurate way. If the adjusting of the fence is made easy, it contributes to the comfortable and precise easement on any material you are bound to cut.

Operating this saw is very simple. Even a beginner can handle it. You should not be worried about how you are going to handle it. Just by the manual, you can operate it.


  • Easy to operate
  • Very durable due to the metal casing
  • Easy portability


  • Uses much power
  • Relatively expensive

#5. Bosch GTS1031

This is also one of the table saws which you could choose from. It also has features which are essential when we talk about any carpentry need. For instance, it has a 24 tooth table blade which helps in performing different purposes in the job site.

You only need to charge the blade to what works best for you if you have to do various duties. This means that you can use the power saw for varied purposes from cutting the wood all the way to smoothing the ages of the wood as per the requirement for what you are making.

The power saw also have an all steel base which guarantees it the durability you deserve. The steel base can withstand the massive onsite impact. Definitely, in a busy store where many people are doing different things at the same time cannot be said to be free of things dropping down. Even if such happened which whatever the intensity, your saw will always be safe.


  • High portability
  • Enhances the cleanliness of the store since it has a tool-free dust chute
  • Allows for accurate performance due to the square lock rip fence with variety of blades for different purposes


  • A relatively small working surface
  • Operating it needs technical knowledge
  • Relatively expensive

#6. WORX WX572L

Lastly, we bring to you this tabletop saw. It is one of the saws which have lasted for a long time. It operates on a traditional riving knife system. The system allows for a capacity for cutting the wood in both the horizontal and vertical cutting.

With this saw, you do not need to keep one direction of wood cut when there is an alternative demotion. In doing so, it ends up saving you from wastage

The saw also comes with several accessories which allows you o perform other duties using the saw apart from the standard wood cutting. For instance, it comes with one rip fence, five blades for cutting different materials like aluminum, steel, and tile among other materials.

Amazingly, the saw is light in weight hence can be carried easily within the workstation and even to other locations. As traditional as it is, it still tends to cost much in the market.


  • Can be used to cut other materials alongside wood
  • It is fitted with a safety switch to boost the safety of the user
  • Adjustable miter gauge hence easy to operate


  • Relatively expensive
  • Getting its spare parts may not be easy

What to Look for When Buying a Best Small Table Saw

When buying a small table saw, you do not just do so for fun. You need something which can serve the purpose as to why you are buying it. Therefore, there are some things which you got to look for so that you end up with the best decision. Here are some of them:


The portability of the saw

There are different groupings of saws when it comes to portability. The job site and compact saws are designed with a mounting stand and a transporting wheel for portability. The table top ones do not have the wheel.

Based on your method of operation you can choose the table saw depending on the frequency to which you will be moving it from one area to another. If you happen to operate in one store and at a specific point, then it would make more sense if you buy one which is not meant to move every time.


The blades of the saw

Different mini table saws come with varying blades for performing various tasks. There are some which come with one blade specifically for cutting wood while others have a variety of blades for cutting different materials. When choosing a saw, do not be moved by the capacity of a saw to cut many things. Focus on the purpose for which you are buying the saw and go for a blade which is beneficial to you.


Miter gauge and fence

If there is something which causes the whole difference in table saws is the miter gauge and the fence. The type of the fence you choose will determine the accuracy level you will achieve in working with the saw.

A T-square fence can guarantee you good accuracy. On the other end, the miter gauge helps you in controlling the speed of what you are doing. This means that you got to choose a saw with the best miter gauge and fence if you have to make your work easy.


Safety of the saw

Whatever you do, your safety should come fast. You need a saw which has a minimum room for causing danger. Each saw should come with safety measure although not all the measures are equal. The primary safety measures which you should look at in the saw include the ant kickback pawls, riving knives and splitters. You should have at least one of the safety measures in a saw that you end up buying.



It is a good idea to check on the accessories which come with the saw you are buying. Such accessories include table extensions, wheels, on-board storage, and dust collection system among many others. This means that the more the accessories you get, the lesser additional expenses you are bound to incur.

If possible, look for a table saw with the maximum number of accessories. It helps you to cut cost in the long run. Therefore, you will have to do proper market research to know the best saw for you. There are things you do not need to buy separately with the saw. They may not be compatible.

Final thoughts

Having reviewed the table saws and also discussed what one should look at in buying a best small table saw, I feel that Rockwell Blade Runner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw is the clear winner. This saw has different blades for cutting various materials. It has accessories like the dust collection system among other accessories discussed in its review.

It is highly portable and is fitted with safety measurements for the sake of user welfare. Generally, this product happened to meet all the conditions which make a table to saw one of the best. With this tabletop saw, you can enjoy every work you do with it. When buying a tabletop saw, it is vital that you go what the best in the present market is.

If you want to know more information about sharpening a table saw blade, click the link.

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