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best table saw fence

A high-quality table saw fence means a difference in the quality of the cuts. With a high-quality model, you can transform the cuts made on your table saw so that you can deliver precise cuts which are suitable for delivering professional results. However, what features distinguish a high-quality table saw fence and low-quality table fence?

Today, I will help you find out this since below is a detailed review of the best table saw fences and tips that will help you narrow down to a table saw fence that is designed to meet your needs. Read on as you look forward to purchasing a table fence that is designed to meet your needs.

What is the purpose of a table saw fence?

A table saw fence acts as a guide that helps you make accurate cuts with an assurance of safety. It runs parallel to the blade located on a table saw where it helps to prevent kickback so that you can use the table saw with an assurance of safety.

#1. Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails

Designed to fit on a variety of table saw brands, the Shop Fox W1410 fence is one of the best table saw fences when you are in need of fence that will fit onto a variety of table saws.

In facts, the saw is designed to fit 27” tables where it moves on ball bearing guides. Also, it is designed with

fine positioning knobs located on both sides to allow for a left or right-handed use. The fence can lock on both ends to guarantee safety when it is in use.


  • check
    The table saw fence is availed at an affordable price.
  • It comes with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • check
    The fence is easy to set up and clamp into place.
  • check
    The fence moves smoothly across the table.
  • The instructions are easy to follow.


  • The handle can't fold completely so it gets in the way at certain times.

#2. JessEm 4010 Master Fence II

On the third position we have JessEm master fence. The table fence is a great pick for users looking forward to purchasing long-lasting table fences since it is made using a heavy-duty aluminum. Also, it is a great pick for a user in need of a fence that is designed to fit on different table saws due to the fully-adjustable design that guarantees versatility.

You can expect the fence to remain in place once you fix it on the table saw, thanks to the quick locking knobs. Also, the fence assures you of getting precise results at all times since it includes side-mounted fence tracks that feature built-in scales.

The fence includes fully adjustable scales which are designed to offer adjustable scales for accurate settings. Also, there are offset bars which include a built-in onboard storage to guarantee a fast and accurate offsetting of the fence.


  • check
    The mount rails include easy-to-read measurements allowing for fast and accurate adjustments.
  • The table saw fence is easy to install.
  • check
    The fence is well made to guarantee durability.
  • check
    A unique mounting track design enhances easy assembly and adjustability.
  • A dust chute enhances easy and efficient dust removal.


  • The instructions are confusing.

#3. 32" Deluxe Router Table Fence by Peachtree Woodworking PW3319

Next is a table fence kit from Peachtree woodworking. The kit comprises two MDF fence plates which are supported by an aluminum “L” fence that includes a built-in track so that it can accommodate router bits that are up to 3½” in diameter.

Besides that, the kit comprises all the parts required during assembly which assures you of a fast and easy assembly. You can expect the unit to come while equipped with a dust port designed between the two MDF sections so that you can benefit from a fast and easy cleanup.

Furthermore, there is a unique shim system that allows each side of the fence to be shimmed with an aluminum bar so that you can turn the nudges of the fence located on each side of the fence to the desired depth.

The Deluxe router table fence comes in two different sizes, where you can opt to get a 24” or 32” length deluxe table fence. The fences include tall adjustable knobs meant to help you move the fence forward or backward based on your desires.


  • check
    The fence features a well-made design.
  • It is availed at an affordable price.
  • check
    A user-friendly design ensures ease of use and installation.


  • The instructions are confusing.

#4. Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence with Standard Rails

A table saw fence that will be a sure hit for DIY homeowners and contractors is the Shop Fox Aluma-classic fence. The fact that it is made using aluminum and steel makes it a great choice for users looking for a durable table saw fence. Plus, the widely-spaced adjustments points enhances a precise setup so that you can get the product when you are in search of a fence that is geared to deliver the desired user results.

You can get the table saw fence when you are looking for a fence that is designed to fit onto a variety of table saws, thanks to the Cam-lever front locking mechanism and the torsion box design that enhances versatility without the need for a rear locking mechanism. 

Also, the fence is a great choice for one that is safe to use since it is ISO 9001 certified and includes a heavy-duty locking lever that maintains it in place once you set it to the desired position.

The fence comes with a self-adhesive measuring tape designed to mount on it and this features highly-visible yellow and black numerals for easy measurement of the wood. What’s more, there is magnified cursor that offers the chance to position the fence with a high degree of accuracy and a wide right angle design meant to ensure maximum support and accuracy.


  • check
    The fence is easy to install.
  • A thick powder coat enhances durability.
  • check
    The fence is made using heavy gauge steel and aluminum to guarantee strength.


  • It requires that you drill some holes on the cast iron table during installation.
  • The accessories that accompany the table saw fence are limited.

#5. Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System

On the top position we have Vega table saw fence system. The fence features a steel construction to guarantee durability. On top of that, it features an auxiliary table support allowing you to install it on a variety of table saws. You can adjust the fence system vertically or horizontally, thanks to the included slotted front brackets that support such adjustments.

In addition, the table saw fence features jacking plates that allow you level the fence rails based on your liking. You can install the Vega U26 table saw fence system on contractor saws, delta unisaws among other table saws using the existing mounting holes. Also, the fence system includes accurate measuring scales making it easier for you to achieve the desired results.


  • check
    The saw fence mounts on a variety of table saws with a lot of ease
  • It helps a user to produce accurate results in all instances.
  • check
    The fence does not take a lot of time to install.
  • check
    It features a stainless steel construction which means that it can last for a variety of years.


  • The end caps are not the best on the market even though they don't affect the operation.
  • The instructions are not clear.
  • The fence doesn't support wing extensions.

How To Choose The Best Table Saw Fence?

For you to select the top table saw fence, you will need to pay attention to some variables and listed below are some of these. Therefore, ensure that you pay attention to these factors before settling for any product if you will need to purchase a fence that will adequately meet your needs.

Durability/ strength

First, you will need to ensure that you purchase a fence that features a durable make. After all, who wants to purchase a table saw fence that will last for days or months necessitating you to purchase another fence? I do not believe that you are one of those individuals. Therefore, if you want to get the best value for the money you invest, ensure that you purchase a fence that is made of either aluminum or steel. That way, you can rest assured to have purchased a table fence that will provide years of reliable performance.

Level of accuracy

The objective of installing a table saw fence is enhancing the level of accuracy of the cuts made on the table saw. In this regard, you will be required to purchase a fence that supports micro adjustments so that you can make cuts that will accurately match to what you intend to make.

Size of the table saw fence

Besides purchasing a fence that is designed to deliver accurate cuts, you will need to purchase a table fence that will match the size of the table saw. Therefore, start with determining the size of the cuts you make as well as the size of the table saw. In this regard, match the size of the fence to that of the table saw and the cuts you make. After all, it is not worth purchasing a big fence since this will be rendered useless on the table saw.


The best table saw fence should deliver a steady alignment. Besides no one wants a fence that will require you to align it consistently so that you can achieve consistent works. Hence, be sure to read other reviews and get an idea about what other customers have to say about the consistency of the alignment. That way, you can be sure to make the right decisions when it comes to the reliability of the alignment.

Ease of use and installation

A good table fence should be easy to use and install. In fact, it should take less than 30 minutes to install while it shouldn't call for you to purchase additional parts so that you can fix it. Hence, be sure to consider this so that you can get the best user experience.

Rip capacity

If you want to select the top table saw fence, you will need to consider the rip capacity. In this case, you should be after selecting a table saw fence that features a capacity that is will enable it to rip through wood with much ease. Thus ensure that the provided rip capacity is greater than that of the wood you need to cut.


I hope that you have managed to locate a table saw fence that is designed to meet your needs. Remember, it is not always about the price of the table saw fence, rather, consider the features first and ensure that you purchase a unit that is designed to last yet one that is geared to help you deliver accurate cuts at all times. That way, you can be sure to have purchased the best table saw fence and one that will help you get the best user experience.

For those looking for a recommendation of the top table saw fence among the reviewed units, I recommend Fox W1410 Table Saw Fence System. There are a variety of reasons why this table saw fence is the winner of this roundup among these the high-quality construction design. The fact that the fence is made using steel makes it a great choice for a user looking for a table saw fence that is designed to deliver years or reliable performance.

Adding to that, the fence is compatible with a variety of table saws. This is due to the auxiliary table support and the existing mounting holes that make it a versatile table saw fence. The fence doesn’t also take a lot of time to install whereas it remains in place while in use. For such reasons and the reasonable price it is availed at, I recommend that you purchase this table saw fence and rest assured to get a great user experience in the long run.

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