Grizzly G0771Z Review – Best Buyer’s Review

When investing in a table saw, it is important to make the right choice. The market offers a range of table saws for their customers. Grizzly G0771Z is one of the highly used hybrid table saws in the market due to the many features and benefits.

Why Grizzly G0771Z is the Best From Others?

The model Grizzly G0771Z has outstanding features that other models do not have. It consists of a combination of both contractor-style and cabinet style table saw features. It means that it can be used for both commercial and home purposes hence preferred by most people. Read on to understand the grizzly g0771z review.


  • It is affordable – the price of this table saw is low hence affordable to most of the woodworkers with low budgets.
  • It is quiet - when working with the Grizzly G0771Z; it does not produce noise hence convenient to work with it anywhere.
  • Comes with safety components – the Grizzly G0771Z ensures that you are safe while operating it.
  • Easy to usethe table saw is user-friendly, and one does not require training on how to operate it.
  • Lightweight – the Grizzly G0771Z is lighter compared to other hybrid table saws in the market. It is easy to move around with the saw while working.


You will need an extra blade. The Grizzly G0771Z comes with a blade, and if you are using it for both ripping and crosscutting, it will not last for long. Therefore, it is essential to have an extra blade if you have more than one need.

The Features of The Grizzly G0771Z Table Saw

Grizzly G0771Z Review

Iron Table

The Grizzly G0771Z has a precision-ground heavy cast iron table. It allows the table saw to last for a long time. The cast iron table offers a solid ground when working with the saw to ensure that there are no accidents. The heavy duty iron provides enough support while woodworking.


4 inch Dust port

The dust port of a table saw matters a lot. If the dust port is large enough, you will have an easy time while operating the Grizzly table saw. For the Grizzly G0771Z, the dust port is about 4 inches that collect a lot of dust that comes out while woodworking. It saves time and energy.


2 HP Motor

It is important for a table saw to have enough power to be able to cut through hardwoods and other materials. The Grizzly G0771Z is very powerful compared to other table saws since it has a 2 HP motor. The powerful motor makes it effective while working with it and saves you a lot of energy.


Carbide Tipped Blade

The blade of the Grizzly G0771Z is carbide tipped. It makes it easier to cut through all types of woods easily. The blades are about 10 inches which penetrate well into the wood while cutting through. The Carbide tipped blade allows one to cut down a lot of wood within a short time.

FAQ - Some Questions and Answers

  • Does the Grizzly G0771Z has a warranty after you purchase?

Yes, you get a warranty from the manufacturer. However, there are certain terms and conditions. Contacting the manufacturer about the warranty is important.

  • What is the overall size of the table saw?

The overall dimensions of the Grizzly G0771Z are 64 by 35 by 40 inches.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, therefore, Grizzly G0771Z is a selective blend of high features. With the 4-inch dust port and cast iron trunnions, and the HP motor, the device can easily rip through hardwoods. Additionally, it is light enough to move around with. Even more, it features an innovative, yet quick to release blade guard. You will not only enjoy working with it but also get value for your money. You can easily buy online at the comfort of your home, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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What are your thoughts on the Fence on this table saw?

I am hearing lots about how this fence is not in square and impossible to square to the blade?

Is this just people misunderstanding how or is this a manufacturing issue?


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