Hakko FX-888d Soldering Station Review

In the past few years, finding a digital soldering machine that is not only good in looks but also great in functionality was quite a bewildering task.

First, you had to browse through the long lists of companies which made them, and once you make up your mind on several few, the next task was to wade through the tons and tons of soldering equipment that these companies offered.

That not only led to time wastage but also led to making uninformed choices thus resulting in frustration after buyers purchase one and it ends up not working or breaking after a few days of use. 

However, that was before Hakko fx-888d came into the market. Now that it is here, such incidences are in the past as it has completely changed the game.

If you have never used it and you are still not sure of how it works, then you happen to be in the right place because below is Hakko fx-888d review to help you know exactly what you want.

Who can Use the Hakko FX-888d Review?

Hakko fx888d is made for anyone looking for convenience and also perfect outcomes. It is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a simple yet sophisticated soldering station and one that can perform a diverse array of soldering works and at the same time maintain its durability.

Hakko FX-888d Soldering Station Features

Simple and easy operation

Unlike the analog soldering stations, Hakko fx-888d has only two options, namely; up and enter. That means you don’t need to be an expert at soldering to use it and neither do you require special skills as it is quite straightforward hence you can use it without any difficulties.

Total temperature control

If you are an expert in soldering, then you definitely know the importance of using precise temperature in the process. It not only helps you work at your own pace but also ensures that you attain the desired results. That is why the Hakko fx-888d makes the perfect soldering station as it is designed to meet this requirement through the various modes. 

For instance, the adjustment mode ensures that you can easily adjust it to your required temp. While the preset mode allows the user to change the temperature to suit whatever material you are working on, the tip shape or even the components in advance so you can achieve the desired results. The Hakko fx-888d is designed to put you in total control of the temperature because besides the two modes; it also has a digital display which enables you to check and set it at the touch of a button.

Quick thermal recovery

One of the most notable and also most important features of the Hakko fx-888d is its excellent thermal recovery. In fact, this is what makes it stand out most because unlike standard soldering stations, the Hakko fx-888d heater output has been augmented by about 30%. That means you can now solder at low temperatures to reduce thermal impact and at the same time achieve great results on whatever you are working on. Lastly, the minimum thermal impact reduces tip oxidation hence ensuring durability.

Compact design

With dimensions of 100 x 120 in width and depth respectively, the station body of the Hakko fx888d is quite compact which means it not only uses less space but also creates a clean or less cluttered work environment. Furthermore, it is designed in such a way that once you position it, you will not have to worry about it moving or falling over as it is stable enough thus ensuring that you work comfortably.

Password function

We all know how irritating it can be when you preset your settings and then go for lunch so you can continue working later only to come and find them changed. Fortunately, Hakko fx-888d ensures that is the last thing you need to worry about through the password function. You can lock your settings to prevent anyone from changing them. The feature is also efficient because once you save them in, you don’t have to keep on resetting.

The full of functions of Iron holder

Iron holder

Highlighted features

  • Simple and easy operation
  • Total temperature control
  • Quick thermal recovery
  • Compact design
  • Password function
  • Low-temperature alarm so you can take action as soon as possible
  • Digital display
  • Lightweight
  • Slender and padded iron handles for utmost comfort

Key Benefits

  • Puts you in control thanks to the adjustable temperature and preset modes
  • Compact size for portability and also tidy working surface
  • Highly user-friendly and does not require any special skills
  • Password function saves you frustrations
  • Digital display for easy adjustments

Mentionable Negatives

  • Although the up and enter buttons are quite straightforward, they can be quite confusing to a first time user
  • Even though it is meant to do all soldering jobs, it still does not serve all purposes

How to remove the bottom plate

Follow the following instructions that will help you to remove the bottom plate well.

How to remove the bottom plate

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to get your hands on it but have a few questions? These simple FAQ will answer it all for you.

Q. Will the settings remain if there is a sudden blackout or if I suddenly unplug it?

A. Yes. Once you save them with a password, you don’t have to worry about power issues. Plus its efficient rates of thermal recovery eliminate the need of you having to worry about the settings.

Q. What is its precise wattage?

A. 70w-120C60Hz

Q. Are there spares in case I need them in future?

A. Hakko has been in the industry for more than half a century now so you can be sure you will find high-quality spares. However, there are plenty of fakes on the market so be sure to purchase from the official distributors only.

Q. Can the Hakko fx888d soldering station be used for TV repairs?

A. yes it can. This is possible because the temperature is adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about overheating the television board. All you need to know is the right temp to solder a TV.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the Hakko fx-888d soldering station has all you could ever wish for whether you solder equipment for fun or as one of the main activities in your line of work. It is not only easy to use, but also packs a long list of features which spell convenience. For instance, it enables you to set precise temperatures so you can achieve desired results while still caters for durability with its quick thermal recovery which prevents tip oxidation. 

We could go on and on but we’ve come to the end of the Hakko fx-888d, and we are glad to say it’s worth all the positive ratings from previous buyers.

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