How To Make a Soldering Gun At Home

Thinking about how to make a soldering gun at home? Maybe you think the process is rigorous, Right? Worry no more! After thorough and comprehensive, we have compiled easy step by step guide line just for you. That’s sounds great? Probably Yes. After this steps, you will be able to make a soldering gun with a heavy and blunt tip however weak and fragile.

This homemade tool will serve your soldering works more effectively. Since it heats up and cools up rapidly like a lamp, hence you just need to plug it in and use. As simple as that. Check out for the three simple steps and its time make one on your own. Let's go!

Steps on How To Make a Soldering Gun


Materials Needed

Have materials for the work ready. Identify the essential tools required in the process for making soldering gun which involves various items such as a small hammer, notch plier, wire cutter, screwdriver, measuring tape, transformer (T/F) 1, sleeve, wire connector, electrical tape and handle.

However, several types of copper wire are needed such as a copper wire of 14swg stranded and 16-18swg 2-3 inches. The extension wire is required in case of emergency or addition purposes. Additionally, soldering set which involves the soldering items is essential in this case. Similarly, hot glue gun and drill are required for handling purposes.


Choose the Right Transformer and Dissemble

Choose a transformer which may have been savaged from old electronics. Consider several parameters in choosing of a transformer such as the size, quality, and capacity. In this case, a transformer of 220v/ 5ohz- 24 and 12v is good since it has an extra tapping in the secondary coil. Later, disassemble the transformer parts which include soft iron core, primary and secondary coils.


Assemble the Soldering Gun

Hit up the iron core with a small hammer and strip off the iron strip with a screw driver and notch plier. Identify the secondary coil and peel off the insulation and wires and wind the 12swg copper wire in the plastic frame. However, leave small measurements of the wire on both ends which will act as an electrode and pill off the insulation. Afterward, use the sleeve as an insulator because it has heat resistance. A PVC tape is essential for re-insulating purposes on the coil.

Assemble the parts in the same way you disassemble it. However, the transformer should have an outer cover for easy handling purposes. Thus make an appropriate hole and screw it up and join and fix the handle. Also, insert the wire from the primary coil to make a hole for your switch. Solder the switch plus extension cord and fix the switch and the cord from the handle. Hot glue can be used in this case to fix the switch and wire. Also, cut a 16-18swg of copper wire and bend it at the center and make a V shape with the wire connector. Then connect the shaped wire to the end of our new secondary coil where the V-shaped tip represents the tip of our soldering gun.

Final Vertex 

In conclusion, you will agree with me that how to make a soldering gun at home at the comfort of yours is simple and easy essential if the procedure is carried out with care and right manner. However, using the specific tools for soldering of gun ensures effective work is performed. So keep in touch for more lucrative articles on general soldering works.

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