Weller WES51 Soldering Station Review

weller wes51 review

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Whether you stumbled upon our page on accident or purpose, one thing is sure; you are looking for the best soldering station, and fortunately, you are in the right place.

There are tons and tons of excellent soldering stations online, some are good, and some are better so making up your mind on the right one for you, can prove to be quite a daunting task.

Fortunately and as we had mentioned earlier, you are in the right place because below is a Weller WES51 review which happens to be among the best soldering stations in the market currently. 

Our Weller WES51 manual review includes the A to Z of this product. So, by the time you finish reading, all you need to do is make up your mind.

Who can Use the Weller WES51 Review?

While on our Weller WES51 Soldering Station review, we realized that this soldering station suits many people who solder on a frequent basis. Whether you are an amateur or proficient, you can use it to suit your needs. From hobbyists in the garage to small-time operators, Weller WES51 parts has features to satisfy anyone who needs it.

Specifications of Weller WES51 Analog soldering station

  • Temperature range: 3500 F to 8500 F
  • Wattage- 50
  • Voltage output:24 V
  • Voltage input:120 V

Weller WES51 Soldering Station Features


User-friendly Design

One look at Weller WES5 and you can already tell that the manufacturer had every user in mind. Everyone from a first time user to an expert can use it thanks to its simple design.

For instance, it comes in two pieces of hardware, one being the control station and the other one is the receptacle which is made of sturdy metal. It holds the soldering iron so securely to ensure that it does not wiggle out whenever you need to make adjustments or when you need to put it down for a while.

This makes it easy to use because all the controls are on the powered piece of hardware. It has an easy to use power button which you use to turn on and off. Once you activate it, you will see an orange light hence alerting you that the iron is already on and has begun heating up.

It also has a digital readout whose function we will discuss later, and the temperature is well calibrated for further convenience.

Portable and flexible

With only 2 ounces, it is quite lightweight so suitable for those users who are always on the move while the 4-foot long cord gives flexibility as you can connect it to a power outlet and still place it on your workstation effortlessly. Thus you can set the control unit on one side of the workstation and the receptacle on another or any other way which you deem suitable and still manage to get high-quality results.

The cord can also unplug from the station enabling you to pack the station once you are done using it efficiently. When it comes to design the pencil is not left out either as it stainless steel to protect it from corrosion and has a long ergonomic handle which has recesses to protect your knuckles from getting pinched while you work. It is available in 1/16 ETA tip, but there are many other tip sizes which you can purchase separately from Weller to suit your projects.


One of the aspects most people consider while purchasing a soldering station is their safety and we' re glad to tell you won't have to stress on that., First of all, Weller WES5 is grounded which prevents any electrical charge accumulation. That not only protects you but also prevents the device from being damaged during the process.

Another safety feature is that the pencil is of high impact ESD plastic which ensures that no electrical charge can flow through it while you are working thus protecting you.


Cleaning the mess after you finish is one of the most boring parts of any task. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be so hard with the Weller WES5. It boasts a spot for the sponge on the receptacle which cleans the dirt and debris on the tip of the soldering iron.

That not only ensures cleanliness but also acts as maintenance because it prevents buildups which ensures that the optimum heat transfer from the tip to the soldering iron is maintained.

Temperature features

Another plus for Weller WES5’s design is the digital readout which displays its temperature. Even though it has more of analog design, it offers the best of both worlds thanks to this readout which enables the person who is soldering to know the precise temperature and also to make correct adjustments whenever necessary. This comes in handy especially when they are using a specific material and eliminates guesswork.

Heats up fast

Besides the display, you will fall in love with how quickly this soldering station heats up. Even though it only has 50 watts, the temperature functionality is on another level thanks to the sensor which boosts the heat up time and also makes it cool faster whenever the need arises.

You also have a wide range to set up the temperature as it ranges from 3500 F to 8500 F with a +/- 9F for utmost precision. Also because at times you get caught up in other tasks and forget to turn it off, Weller WES5 is designed in such a way that it deactivates itself after ninety minutes hence protect your tips.

Highlighted features

  • User-friendly design
  • Excellent safety features
  • Portable and flexible
  • Convenient
  • Great temperature features
  • Heats up fast thanks to the sensor

Key Benefits 

  • Iron is replaceable
  • Great and user-friendly design
  • Precise temperature controls thanks to the digital readout and range
  • Long cord for large workstations
  • Solid build
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
Mentionable Negatives
  • You may find it quite heavy considering it has two separate stations
  • Has a more analog display when you compare to the newer models

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I noticed a black stick in my Weller soldering iron kit what could it be and what is its use?

A. This is the temperature lockout stick used to set a fixed operating temperature for the iron.

Q. Are there any other tips available and which tip size is in the package?

A. During our Weller WES51 tips we realized that yes there are plenty of tip sizes to select from, but it is only compatible with tips from Weller brand. It comes with a 1/16 ETA tip as part of the package.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, our Weller WES51 review proves that old is gold. Even though this might not be as compact as the latest models, it still performs better than the ones which are new in the market.

It offers flexibility and convenience thanks to its well-calibrated temperature dial, the sensor which speeds up the heating and cooling process among a few other features which make it a must-have soldering station.

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