X-tronic 4010-XTS Soldering Station Review

x-tronic 4000 review

The X-tronic 4010-XTS review is packed with extremely exciting new functions and features that make it undoubtedly one the best selling soldering iron station in the USA.

It gives optimal performance and is designed to last, making it a great choice for you. However, is it worth it? This X-tronic soldering station review takes a look at all that you need to know.

Who can Use the X-tronic 4010-XTS Review?

The X-tronic 4000 series is primarily made for commercial and industrial soldering purposes. You can use it for repair and reworks job. Or to fix and bind electric connections between wires and metal body parts. You can even use it in mass repairing of circuit boards.

However, it is mostly used in electronics PCB assembly and manufacturing units. , It's extremely new features avail precision in work being done by it and can be used by all.

X-tronic Soldering Station Review Features

So, what is it that you would love about this soldering station? Here is a look at some of the top features on offer.

xtronic 4010-XTS

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A great new Brushed Aluminum Front Display

The new model of X-tronic 4000 review features the latest Brushed Aluminum Front Display Panel, a Bright Blue Vacuum Fluorescent Display.

The display on the screen is a bright high resolution display with anti- reflector. The display functions according to the ambient light to make sure the visuals are bright and clear. Hence, making it ideal to work under bad light conditions without the display disturbing the eyes.

This X-tronic 4000 method is related to combined sign display and fastening them on façade objects. The bright blue vacuum fluorescent display creates a bright light with high contrast and supports display elements of various colors.

Magic Temperature Compensation Technology

X-tronic 4010-XTS model also features “Magic Temperature Compensation Technology,” which works by incorporating Proportional-Integral-Derivative technology for the stabilization of the heating controls in the unit, allowing quick temperature correction in milliseconds for maintaining uniform temperature stability throughout on any IC Board you are working upon, even next to a Heat Sink.

Self Test Function

A Self-Test function intelligently detects over temperature, short circuits and overload. X-tronic 4010-XTS has a 60 watt output soldering iron with temperature ranging between 200C-480C with a 52”silicone cord with no virtual memory.

Centigrade/Fahrenheit option

You would love the newly added Centigrade/Fahrenheit option which can be switched easily with just a flip, making it convenient for the user to be in sync with the machine and temperature reading.

Not all people read metering in the same system, the temperature being one of them. Also, it is very important to be very sharp at reading while at work to avoid any mishaps. So one flip is all it takes for conversion.

Magic Temperature Compensation Technology

This provides stability, reliability and durability to this unit by regulating the temperature of the unit accurately and automatically. This method id achieved through incorporating proportional-integral- derivative technology.

It stabilizes the heating controls in the unit which allows instant temperature correction in milliseconds, so the temperature maintains on a regular level on any IC board.

Self-test function

It has an inbuilt diagnostic function to test over temperature, short circuits and over load and preventing accidents and faulty repairing. It is a basic input output system to determine if an unit is functioning properly making it easier for you to own the product without much worries of constant repairing. Its high technology helps itself prevent self damage.

60-watt output soldering iron

This is a much more highly powered iron than a normal iron. X-tronic 4010-XTS review used relatively for very tough surfaces. It maintains a constant temperature even while at use.

This is very important on a production line like for a lot of soldering joints needed to be made rapidly. This helps accelerate work and hence save time and money. It does not slow down the operator and is a bit Top Pros flexible. It is consistent and easier to adapt to.

Highli​​​​​ghted Features

  • Brushed Aluminum Front Display for high definition display
  • Centigrade/Fahrenheit easy flip switch option
  • Magic Temperature Compensation Technology
  • Self test function
  • 60watt output

Ke​​​​​y Benefits

  • It comes with a soldering station with a soldering iron and a soldering stand.
  • 10 soldering tips to choose from
  • Samsung micro computer processor to make work efficient
  • Extra heating element
  • S/S anti static magnetic tweezers
  • Soldering iron 60 watts and a temperature range 200-480 degrees centigrade
  • Comes with an output voltage 24v/ac
  • The iron’s cord is flexible and heat resistant.
  • 100% fix replace guarantee shipped from X-Tronic International INC- Lincoln, NE

Mentionable Negatives

  • It does not have a “silent mode” and does not turn off by itself when not in use or come back immediately to the set temperature once turned on.
  • The sleep mode also reduces risks of burn, saves electricity and prolongs the tip life.
  • The sponge provided for cleaning tips does not fit properly into the holder which makes a sloppy cleaning.

Product Question And Answers

#1. Does the product have a reliable temperature sensor? I've known it for misreading tip temperature and working temperature.

The temperature of the tip is close to the actual working temperature. The sensor reads the working heat, but the tip temperature lags a little behind.

#2. Does this product avail tweezer options?

No, it only comes with standard tweezers.

Final verdict

For the price of this X-tronic soldering station review, it’s an unmatched quality with high performing functions. It mostly has functions that help achieve an excellent performance, with many perks thrown in. So if you work with tools, this unit is your investment.

This X-Tronic 4010-XTS review is a great choice for anyone who wants a serious, rugged, and professional quality soldering station for general use without spending three times or more on a top of the line name brand model intended for heavy duty industrial use loaded with every possible feature.

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